2017 Contest Entries

Ugly Jewelry Entry #1

This  big ole hunk of blue is a14KW ring featuring a Emerald cut Aquamarine  with accents of Iolite that can't be missed along with the oh so  traditional diamond accents.

Ugly Jewelry Entry #2

This blooming onion is a 14KY ring with eight pear shape amethysts circling around a small round diamond.

Ugly Jewelry Entry #3

This frog toed wanna be is a 14KY ring featuring 3 oval Emeralds.  YUCK! This thing makes you want to hop away from it!

Ugly Jewelry Entry #4

This  may look like a broach you'd wear to a funeral, however, this  interesting piece is in fact a ring... featuring a deep oval Garnet that  almost looks black along with other oval and round garnets camping  around it.

Ugly Jewelry Entry #5

Mother  of Pearl!!! ...Literally. This 14KY ring features a very large tic-tac  like pearl for it's center with a small accent diamond clinging to it's  side.

Ugly Jewelry Entry #6

Ugly Jewelry Entry #6

Opal,  Opal on the wall... Who's the fairest one of them all? Unfortunately,  not you. This 14KY ring features a very uniquely framed oval Opal.

Ugly Jewelry Entry #7

The  face only a mother could love... This 14KY ring has an interesting  woman carved from Coral as it's statement with a round moonstone to it's  right.

Ugly Jewelry Entry #8

Que the Jaws theme song...This 14KY ring features an oval Amethyst that  seems to be encased by teeth... surrounded by a splash of accent  pearls.

Ugly Jewelry Entry #9

Paging  Count Dracula, we found your brides ring! This monster is a 14KY ring  featuring an oval Ruby with round and baguette accent diamond